Nah und Fern | near and far

Paintings inspired by the natural and built environment at home and abroad
near&far 06

near&far 06

24" x 56"

near&far 07

near&far 07

36" x 60" - Sold

near&far 17

36" x 72" - diptych - Sold

near&far 16

45" x 53" - Sold

near&far 12

48" x 72" - diptych


What does a walk through the misty woods on the North Shore Mountains in Vancouver, Canada, feel like compared to a walk in the rolling hills surrounding Basel, Switzerland? How does a swim in the Rhine differ from one in the Pacific Ocean? Nah und Fern | near and far began while painting in Basel for an exhibition there and has continued back in my studio in Canada.

near&far 06 during the Nah und Fern exhibition at Space Grotesk in Basel, Switzerland
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