If I Were a Musician – Black Series

Works on paper inspired by classical music

IIWAM Black Series 18

37" x 52" - Diptych - Sold

IIWAM Black Series 13 b

35" x 28" - Framed - Sold

IIWAM Black Series 17

37" x 28"

IIWAM Black Series 05

37" x 28" - Framed - Sold

IIWAM Black Series 06

37" x 84" - Triptych - Sold

IIWAM Black Series 15

37" x 56" - Diptych - Sold


Classical music is the inspiration for IIWAM in which the notes and mood visually dance across the page.

This series started one summer when I found a deep love of working on paper and I also began listening to CBC Radio 2 with Julie Nesrallah (a Canadian radio show).

I am visual artist harbouring a secret wish to be a musician (although my teenage self never would never have guess it might be classical music!). This is my expression of the notes and sounds that I find so transformative.

IIWAM Black Series 06 a
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