Home sweet home
LOchowycz Hawks Series 126 BMD ARS MVanderwerff

Oh the light and the height! Hawks Series 126 couldn’t be happier. Thanks to AR&S and BMD design. Photography by Matt Vanderwerff.

Hawks Series 119

Hawks Series 119 is happily greeting those coming and going in this beautiful home thanks to Amanda Evans Interiors and OATF. Featured in House and Home. Photography by Tracey Ayton.

LOchowycz Hawks Series 61 Haeccity AR&S

Hawks Series 61 was recently seen at The Curio House by Haeccity Studio Architecture and thanks to AR&S. As shown in Dwell Magazine. Photography by Ema Peter.

LOchowycz HWY22x 12 West One Design

HWY 22X 12 is holding court in this wonderful setting. Thanks to West One Design. Photography by Yianni.

Hawks Series 123

Hawks Series 123 is playing hide and seek in the dining room. Thanks to Enviable Design and OATF. Photography by Tracey Ayton.


The best of friends, especially now that the beautiful flower has completed the circle. IIWAIB 12d and TDOTA 01 joined at the hip thanks to espace d.

LOchowycz Hawks Series 28

Hawks Series 28 is enjoying the echoes of laughter from the dinner party last night.

LOchowycz sm paperwork AEvans

This small IIWAIB paperwork is hanging out with new friends thanks to Amanda Evans Interiors and OATF.

LOchowycz IAOTA 28

IAOTA 28 is sitting pretty in this light-filled room.

LOchowycz Land 03

World traveller. Created in Iceland, Land 02, gets to live amongst artists and philosophers in Vienna, Austria. Photography by Katharina Rossboth.

LOchowycz Hawks Series Article ARS

When Hawks Series 61 saw the couch, it knew it would be right at home. Thanks to AR&S and Article.

IIWAMR 18 gets to partake in the most interesting conversations. Thanks to Twenty One Tonnes.


LOchowycz Paperworks 23 MItchell Freedland

Paperworks 23 is beautifully situated in this bright and elegant NYC penthouse, lucky duck! Thanks to Mitchell Freedland Design.

Hawks Series 145

Hawks Series 145 wrote me a note saying how much it loved its new surroundings. It had met a blanket that had arrived years earlier from Ireland.

LOchowycz IIWAM 60 Nicole Varga

Sweet dreams. IIWAM 60a & b in situ thanks to Nicole Varga.

LOchowycz Waterbucket

I spy with my little eye something that is round. Here is Waterbucket 01 completely at home in the Swiss Alps.

IIWAIB LG Paperwork BritishProperties

All about scale. This IIWAIB loves being larger than life. Thank you, British Properties.

LOchowycz Untitled Series 05

This setting is all about scale and texture. Untitled 05 soaking it all up thanks to West One Design. Photography by Yianni.

LOchowycz IAOTA 14 HaecCity Stuido

IAOTA 14 doesn’t miss the studio one bit. In fact, it loves its new home. Thanks to Haeccity Studio and espace d. Photography by Andrew Latreille.

LOchowycz Hawks Series 57

Hawks Series 57 is improving its multi-lingual skills in Davos, Switzerland.

Quarry Series 01

I can still feel the paint brush gliding across the panel while creating Quarry Series 01 (66″x77″). I love working on this scale! Thanks AR&S and Dekora.

LOchowycz Georgia Series 03

Such a fabulous vignette. I love the reflection in the mirror. Georgia Series 03 couldn’t be happier thanks to living with two art enthusiasts.

LOchowycz Quarry Series 02

Quarry Series 02 was so big (66″ x 99″) it didn’t fit into the elevator, so some very kind souls carried it up many flights of stairs. Now that is dedication to the Arts!

LOchowycz Water Series Setai Hotel NYC MFreedland

Room with a view. Water Series is gracing the walls of the Setai Hotel on 5th Ave in NYC thanks to Mitchell Freedland Design. Photography by Dan Forer.

LOchowycz Traces 15 West One Design

Traces 15 is a glow in this contemplative space. Thanks to West One Design. Photography by Yianni.

Hawks Series 66 is delighted it gets to welcome all the lovely guests in this beautifully warm setting. Thanks to BOX Interior Design.

LOchowycz Richmond City Hall for the Richmond Art Gallery SpacevsDensity 01 02

Space vs Density 1 & 2 are contemplating urban and rural space in Richmond City Hall, thanks to the Richmond Art Gallery.

IIWAI 01 whispered excitedly, “Wait until you see how beautiful the rest of the home is!”

Thanks Stephanie Brown Interior and OATF. Featured in Design Quarterly Awards of Excellence. Photography by Ema Peter.

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