nah und fern, Space Grotesk, Basel, Switzerland

solo exhibition

Aug 18- Sept 1, 2019

My show nah und fern (near and far) has been a delight. Yes, as you have probably guessed, it was challenging to work in a different country with a different language and try to address all the bits and pieces that go into a show. But the bits and pieces all fell into place on time. I got to enjoy the huge satisfaction of painting in a location, allowing it to influence my work, and then sharing the result. This show was the culmination of several dreams of mine. I even prepared (and practised!) a little speech in German to give at the opening last week to thank my helpers and supporters. Fun…and also humbling!

One of the most interesting things about learning another language is that it causes you to reflect on your mother tongue and all the things you did–or did not–learn to express in it. I’m amazed at how many words I know in English compared to in German. I never stopped to consider this until I began making attempts in a language in which I know only a hundred words at best. There is so much richness and nuance that is available when you know many words and many ways of expressing them.

nah und fern is at the Space Grotesk Gallery in Basel until September 1.

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