Open Studio: Eastside Culture Crawl Nov 14-17

Musings, inspirations, paintings, always a wonderful weekend!

Crawl Hours Thur. Nov. 14 and Fri. Nov. 15, 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Sat. Nov. 16 and Sun. Nov. 17, 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Studio Location Red Door Studio at the Mergatroid Building

230-975 Vernon Drive, Vancouver, BC

Hello Friends and Art Lovers

Are you ready for some painting inspiration? Get yourself a nice warm drink, sit back, and enjoy. I’m delighted to showcase some of my recent paintings, share inspiring quotes and meanderings of my mind, and provide details about Vancouver’s upcoming Eastside Culture Crawl. Lots of fun stuff. 

This is my 14th year taking part in the Crawl, and I’m counting the days until I get to welcome you to my studio. Actually, I should say “studios” because just like last year I will show my work in two places, just a few steps apart, in the Red Door Studio at the Mergatroid Building on Vernon Drive. There are lots of new artworks to see! I will have some small pieces for sale, some large pieces, and everything in between. I created some of these artworks in Switzerland this past summer and some are from the very productive time I’ve been having before and since then.
Read on! In this newsletter you can see a sample of what I will have on display.

Hot of the easel (well wall actually). Hawks Series first started in 2009 and is named after a street in Strathcona. It is inspired by my daily meanderings through Vancouver and the Pacific North West. It has been wonderful to watch this series evolve and change over the years.

This is Hawks Series 148 – 36″ x 36.”

“Life is filled with abstractions, and the only way we make heads or tails of it is through intuition. Intuition is seeing the solution—seeing it, knowing it. It’s emotion and intellect going together.” — David Lynch

This is IAOTA 50 – 24″ x 66″ – from my series In Anticipation of the Arctic.

“The more I work, the more I see things differently…everything gains in grandeur every day, becomes more and more unknown, more and more beautiful.”
 –Alberto Giacometti

This is painting N&F 09 – 20″ x 27″, one of the artworks I made this summer for my show in Switzerland, the land of Giacometti’s birth. Visit N&F 09 and others from my near and far series at the Eastside Culture Crawl.

“Perfectly ordered disorder designed with a helter-skelter magnificence.”
— Emily Carr

Isn’t this a wonderful quote by Emily Carr? I think it perfectly sums up so much about life in general and abstract painting in particular. My IIWAMR (If I Were a Mountain Range) series is a result of how I intuitively play with abstraction while I listen to classical music and dream of the mountains.

This is IIWAMR 03 – 37″ x 56″.

On the left is a piece from my Waterbuckets series (a.k.a. If I Were an Island).  This is a fun project that I began as a result of finding beauty in my studio–not only on the canvas or panel, but in objects all around me.

Waterbucket – IIWAI – 20 – 16″x 16″

On the right is an example from my Traces series, which I began during my artist residency in Iceland. But this one was taken much closer to home. Can you guess where it was shot?

Traces 15 – 27″ x 21″

“To create a full and balanced canvas it helps to have a full and balanced life.”
— Lisa Ochowycz

near and far is a new series inspired by walks to the studio but layered with memories from Switzerland.

This is near & far 07 – 45″ x 60″

It’s been an especially full and rewarding year. The Eastside Culture Crawl will be my fifth (!) art show this year and along with travel, learning, workshops, demos, teaching, and contributing to charity events, it’s been an amazing year of living “artfully.”

Thank you so much for reading, sharing, and coming along with me. I can’t wait to welcome you back to the studio, hear more of your stories and inspirations.
All the best,

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