Pivotal Event #15 Parts of the Whole (b)

Continued: Crammed into #15 are some other deeply influential art experiences, including viewing, reading, and listening. Each one has significantly improved my understanding and appreciation of art. Enjoy.

While I was in Switzerland last summer, I was fortunate to see Ursula Stalder’s exhibition at the Gelbes Haus. The images and the found objects (garbage collected under the chairlifts of a nearby ski resort) were presented beautifully. It created thoughtful commentary that is still with me today.

(Images courtesy of Gelbes Haus)

Kerry James Marshall’s mastery of a large variety of mediums (painting, printmaking, drawing, sculpture) along with the clarity and strength of his artist voice leaves me breathless.

(Image courtesy of Rennie Museum)

For this piece by Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller from their Lost in the Memory Palace exhibition, the audience doesn’t just view the art: it makes the art. The movement of the members of the audience (you wave your hands around on top) creates a sound piece. This idea of including the audience so directly in a piece stretched my idea of art/artist/audience.

(Image courtesy of The Vancouver Art Gallery)

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