Pivotal Event #15 Parts of the Whole (c)

The list goes on: Crammed into #15 are some other deeply influential art experiences, including viewing, reading, and listening. Each one has significantly improved my understanding and appreciation of art. Enjoy.

I was washing dishes one night after dinner, listening to Reclaimed with Jarrett Martineau on CBC radio, when the power, the emotion, and the depth of iskwe’s voice and words stopped me in my tracks and held me mesmerized. Such an awe-some artist.

(Image courtesy of iskwe)

Claude Monet was my favourite artist when I was a budding young creative. Naturally one’s interests changes over time, but I was moved to tears when, years later, I walked into this room and viewed this installation. The scale, the design of the room, and seeing the work the first time in person delightfully overwhelmed me.

(Image courtesy of Fondation Beyeler)

I find Andy Goldsworthy’s creativity and dedication to non-permanent art, using only natural materials found in the area where the pieces are created,
utterly inspiring.

(Image of Goldsworthy’s untitled art courtesy of Artsy)

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